Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The best way to get rid of bad breath is by chewing on cinnamon or parsley or cardamom or cloves. Another tip is to use a tongue cleaner for the back part of your tongue.

*Clean the tongue with a tongue cleaner made for that purpose only. Learn to clean the back of your tongue without gagging. Also, clean the sides of the tongue. The odor causing bacteria reside in the back of the tongue.

*Chew gum as frequently as possible to get the saliva flowing to increase oxygen to the tongue to reduce bad breath. Cinnamon gum is recommended.

*Drink green tea after eating meals. Many restaurants can provide this when you are eating out.  

*Rinse and gargle with salt water for at least thirty continuous seconds. It will also strengthen gums.

*Increase consumption of water. If you are regularly having dry mouth, then you need to visit a doctor. Dry mouth can lead to very smelly breath.

*Floss after meals. Floss by curving floss around teeth and going under the gum-line. Rinse with water after flossing.

*Eat less animal protein and more raw vegetables(crispy, crunchy vegetables) to naturally bring about fresh breath.  

*Use mouthwashes specifically designed for bad breath.  Gargle for at least thirty seconds and you will feel the full effect of the mouthwash.

*Gargle and rinse with the alkali properties of baking soda. Mix a teaspoon of baking soda with a half cup of water. 

*Brush, floss, and rinse your mouth before going to bed.

*Use an irrigator or water pick to clean your teeth. 

*Spicy foods can cause bad breath and you may want to  eat non-spicy foods for a few days to see if that is the cause.

*Mucus around the throat can be a cause of bad smells.  Use a neti pot to get a nasal rinse and also inhale the saline solution from the tube connecting the nose to the mouth. 

*Go for a dental cleaning. Most people will need dental cleanings every six months. In extreme cases, some people will need it every three months.  

*The bacteria from gum disease can also cause bad breath. For this, you will need to see a periodontist.  

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